A VERY early version of the terrain of the world

This is a very early draft of the World Page.

The basic building block of the world is a Stack. Each stack is generated on the fly (if needed) and saved to a database. Coordinates are stored as a signed Long, providing a world with a maximum size of approximately 4,000,000x4,000,000x256.

Currently terrain is generated from the output of a simple FBM noise function, however plans for more varied terrain are in the works, pending testing and completion of basic world rendering.

NAMELESSrpgClient 2012 07 06 09 42 11 1802:03

NAMELESSrpgClient 2012 07 06 09 42 11 18

A slightly older version of the world

The world does not yet contain Mobiles (Monsters, NPCs, or Players) or Objects. Currently, the Client is responsible for world generation and world rendering. Plans are to split the client functionality into client and server programs.

The world has some basic lighting, but the current implementation is slightly buggy.

The Material System is in place, although it's basic and simple. Plans are to have a varety of materials that mimic real-world materials (and a few that don't).

Current render of the world. Terrain Smoothing has been turned OFF to trouble shoot some face visibility issues. Also, FPS under linux is non-functional.

Currently world rendering is almost finished. As visible in the screenshot to the right, there are a few "Issues".

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