Being bipolar sucks. It seems I've survived another depressive episode, though, so here's hoping for a long and productive manic phase. There's a LOT on the todo list. I'll work on fleshing this out over the next week.

  1. Terrain Generation
    1. Finish up with the stack interpolation stuff that got interrupted.
    2. We need a GUI of some sort to proceed to the next phase, so....
  2. GUI
    1. I've been looking at Crazy Eddies UI. It's horrible. It's complicated. I haven't even tried to get it to compile yet. I kinda like it. It seems like it will work OK alongside freeglut, which is good because I REALLY don't feel like rewriting everything, again.
    2. The full, finished GUI promises to be hideously complex, with data views, maps, and even multiple in-game camera systems. We don't need all this to start....Just an ability to draw an image to the screen and interact with it, for....
  3. Terrain Generation Redux
    1. Decide just how big a world map we're going to want.
    2. Generate the completely blank, abstract world map.
    3. Fill it with water.
    4. Using our noise routines, generate the shape of continent(s). Goodness knows when boats are going to go in. The world may be one giant supercontinent. We'll see. (Binary solution : Land here, no land here).
    5. Using our noise routines, generate mountains, hills, plains, and valleys. (Simple general elevation of point).
    6. Using our noise routines and 3.5, generate all bodies of water. (I have no idea! Research required)

I think that's a good enough start for the next few months. Feels good to be back.

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