• BigWisski

    The Hiatus is nearly over

    November 23, 2012 by BigWisski

    Being bipolar sucks. It seems I've survived another depressive episode, though, so here's hoping for a long and productive manic phase. There's a LOT on the todo list. I'll work on fleshing this out over the next week.

    1. Terrain Generation
      1. Finish up with the stack interpolation stuff that got interrupted.
      2. We need a GUI of some sort to proceed to the next phase, so....
    2. GUI
      1. I've been looking at Crazy Eddies UI. It's horrible. It's complicated. I haven't even tried to get it to compile yet. I kinda like it. It seems like it will work OK alongside freeglut, which is good because I REALLY don't feel like rewriting everything, again.
      2. The full, finished GUI promises to be hideously complex, with data views, maps, and even multiple in-game camera systems.…

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