Features currently in the codebase (This list will grow, as things are finished, or things are remembered that were overlooked).

  1. Procedural Generation of terrain - Currently, this is only a fractal noise function. Various shapes of hills and valleys were needed in order to implement and troubleshoot :
  2. Terrain Smoothing - Instead of the block-worlds of other games, NAMELESS uses (currently) 13 primitives to form the terrain.
  3. Terrain Destruction - You can remove any terrain primitive from the map.
  4. Current world extents are (essentially) infinite along the X and Z axis (North/South and East/West) and from -128 to +128 along the Y axis (Up and down).
  5. Material System - This is still a work in progress. The goal is to define how various materials behave, and then simulate them appropriately. Current Materials : Air, Dirt, Grass.
  6. Lighting - This is in, but shadows are not (yet).
  7. Camera - Of course there's a camera! It's even got Free Look and everything.
  8. Client/Server Prep - This should technically be in Future Features, but there IS a lot of groundwork for splitting the project off.

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