You awaken in the center of a large circular courtyard, or perhaps a town square. Which is odd for you, you usually don't fall asleep standing up.

You're not certain, but you have a feeling you should remember more about yourself than you do. The only real thing you're certain of - You just woke up, here, and nothing more.

Behind you is a ghostly, shimmering outline of...something. It's vaguely purple. It *FEELS* tremendous, however. Like you're standing in front of the open mouth of God.

A strange old man shuffles towards you, carrying a robe. It's warm, and the sun is shining, and you suddenly realize the sun is shining on you in places where the sun is not supposed to shine. He smiles at your bewildered expression, helps you into the robe, and says "Welcome, young one, to immortality!"


Essentially, the game starts just like that - You're in the world, and you have no idea who you are, where you came from, or any detail of your life from before the moment you woke up in front of the Gateway. Noone else does either.

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